Miscellaneous Articles from Rays Magazine

        a [marriage] address in the pro-ecclesia_nov 1917.pdf

        a letter from idyl-ease_sep 1917.pdf

        a prophetic vision_june 1915.pdf

        a proverb_dec 1918.pdf

        amulets, birthstones and planetary colors_sep 1916.pdf

        an address in the pro-ecclesia_july 1915.pdf

        an invisible helper's story.pdf

        an occult retrospect_aug 1918.pdf

        are we growing wings_feb 1919.pdf

        are you helping your stars_mar 1916.pdf

        astrology in the courts_jan 1917.pdf

        attending his own funeral.pdf

        celibacy and marriage_jan 1918.pdf

        commendation vs condemnation_july 1915.pdf

        cured by angelic visitation.pdf

        dangers on the path_march 1916.pdf

        do the dead lose interest in us .pdf

        does success make one generous.pdf

        easter service on mount ecclesia_may 1918.pdf

        facing the firing squad_nov 1917.pdf

        fasting as a factor in soul growth.pdf

        from the diary of a glutton_dec 1918.pdf

        groves of gladness_sep 1918.pdf

        horoscopes of fellowship workers_june 1915.pdf

        horseflesh and ostriches_march 1916.pdf

        imitation is the sincerest flattery_apr 1916.pdf

        nature and symbolism of the soul.pdf

        occult methods which foster faith_feb 1916.pdf

        opportunity_nov 1915.pdf

        our responsibility to the dead_may 1917.pdf

        overcoming death_aug.pdf

        pills, capsules and cell salts.pdf

        planetary polarities_oct 1918.pdf


        sin and sickness_jan 1916.pdf

        sun time and clock time_aug 1918.pdf

        sunspots as a cause of war_may 1918.pdf

        temptation as a factor in the higher life_nov 1917.pdf

        the blind shall see and the deaf shall hear.pdf

        the call_apr 1916.pdf

        the cause and cure of colds_jan 1917.pdf

        the cause of sorrow and suffering_oct 1915.pdf

        the christian mystic initiation.pdf

        the cost of a skin_oct 1917.pdf

        the food of the future_jun 1918.pdf

        the health value of indigestible foods_apr 1916.pdf

        the heavens declare the glory of god_jun 1918.pdf

        the hidden side of prayer.pdf

        the hidden side of prayer_aug.pdf

        the key to all cures_jul 1917.pdf

        the keynote of christianity_july 2015.pdf

        the meaning of death_apr 1918.pdf

        the occult side of the war, part i_nov 1915.pdf

        the occult side of the war, part ii_dec 1915.pdf

        the occult side of the war_jan 1916.pdf

        the passing of a great spirit_mar 1919.pdf

        the rational basis of astrology_nov 1915.pdf

        the strong grip of the lions paw_may 1917.pdf

        the successful life.pdf

        the troubles of twins_apr 1918.pdf

        the true cause of contagion_oct 1915.pdf

        the vice of cleanliness_aug.pdf

        there is no death.pdf

        voodoos and witches_july.pdf

        were you born under a lucky star_may 1916.pdf

        what causes delirium tremens_sep 1918.pdf

        what is consciousness_jun 1918.pdf

        why men eat more than women.pdf